TA Workshop: Wednesday, September 19

We’re excited to hear some tips about teaching primary and secondary sources from TA Kristen Figgins this week!  Here’s the description of the first TA workshop of the Fall semester:

Every semester, composition instructors emphasize the need and use of primary and secondary sources, yet many students remain baffled by the terms. Is a primary source the most important source? Surely secondary sources are the second sources you use! To teach my students the difference between these terms, I run them through a quick overview of terms, followed by a quiz competition.

During this workshop, I will share the presentation that drives home the definitions, differences, and importance of primary and secondary sources. In the past, this workshop quickly demystifies the terms that cause many of our well-intentioned students so much confusion as they work on their essays. In addition, I will also share my assessment tool, a (take-home) scavenger hunt that allows students to practice identifying primary and secondary sources while exploring our library’s capacity for digital research.

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