TA Workshop Tomorrow: What Happens When –Basic– Writers Come to College?

 “What Happens to Basic Writers When They Come to the U of A?” Well, Sharla Finley is going to tell us at tomorrow’s teaching workshop in KIMP 313 at 3:30.

THERE WILL BE PIZZA! (But, equal to greater importance, knowledge.)

Curious about Basic Comp? Have you heard terms like “essay schedules” or “reflection journals” from your Comp students and wondered about the brouhaha of ENGL 0002?  In this workshop, I’ll introduce you to the Essay Schedule and the Unit Reflection for Basic Composition as designed by the Program in Rhetoric and Composition.  These unique tools for looking ahead and looking back give students a bird’s eye view of the writing process.  Together, we will practice these tools and discuss strategies for implementing some of the basic elements of the Essay Schedule and the Unit Reflection into the Comp I and Comp II classroom, with a practical surprise at the end!

EDITOR’S NOTE: I took a class with Sharla last semester, and I can pretty much guarantee that this will be a great workshop. I’m personally going to try to swing by between my 2:00 and 4:30 classes tomorrow, and I hope to see you there! 🙂

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