Preparing for Exams? Join Us for a PhD Professionalization Event!

Time and Location: Friday April 12th 3:00 – 4:30 in Kimpel 321

Have you ever wondered what doctoral exams are like? How to prepare for them? What to expect? Well, GSE doctoral students (or prospective doctoral students) are in for a treat tomorrow, Friday, April 12. Successful exam-takers Jordan Savage, Sharon Fox, Sharla Finley, and Michael Pitts will be sharing what they know!

Description: This is a GSE sponsored PhD Professionalization Event on time management during written comps and managing the transition to writing the prospectus. This event will focus on how to manage your time and energy during the 72 hour written comprehensive exam and then how to transition from reading to writing (moving toward the prospectus). We will discuss strategies, share preparation materials, how to prepare your space to most effectively work during this short time, and discuss necessary aspects of self-care throughout this time. Our speakers’ presentations will be followed by a Q&A.

PhD Professionalization Event

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