The Graduate Students in English (GSE) committee is elected annually by graduate students in the English Department at the University of Arkansas. All graduate students in English are considered members of the GSE. The goal of this committee is to offer information to help English graduates succeed academically, professionally, and personally. These goals are met by providing helpful information, organizing workshops, planning conventions, and creating social events.

A sense of community in the English Department helps students connect with other graduate students and faculty to ensure long lasting professional relationships and high quality academic projects. This newsletter is just one platform for creating that community. To stay informed, sign up to follow The Sapient Pig Online and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

If you would like to see news about your awards, publications, research projects, conferences, posts about issues in the department in this newsletter, or have any questions or concerns about the newsletter, please email the editor at with “editor” in the subject heading. To contact the officers of the GSE, email us at