Finding an alt-ac job is a welcome change for many of us. If you have any helpful resources, please let us know!


Not every PhD becomes a professor. Some never want to, but others discover—too late and ill-prepared to look elsewhere—that there’s precious little room in today’s ivory tower, and what’s there might not be a good fit. For those leaving academia, or wanting out, or finding themselves adrift, this book offers hope, advice, and a bracing look at how others facing the same quandary have made careers outside of the academy work.


The Professor Is In

I have mentored students and junior faculty at all levels. Clients have landed numerous prestigious national and international grants, and tenure track jobs in scholarly fields, and the junior faculty I mentored have all been successful in tenure and promotion. Do as I say and your applications, writing projects, and tenure dossiers will be as competitive as they possibly can–within the scope of what your own record permits (and by the way, I’ll always tell you when and how your record is falling short, if you ask). It is a grueling process, I’m not going to lie.

Life After Academia

If you are pursuing a non-academic career after obtaining your PhD, you are a career changer and therefore carry a burden that is spared job seekers who pursue careers in their field of study: you need to convince people, in an authentic manner, that you have a sense of direction. In other words, you need to demonstrate, in a practical way, that you understand the new industry in which you are pursuing a career.